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Traditional healthcare reacts to illness, but it’s not good enough to be not sick. At Sprout, we focus on treatment that optimizes for illness prevention and longevity. And we do it all with heart, warmth, and a bit of whimsy.

Our Model

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Family Care 

We’re here to nurture great health. Sprout provides access to a team of healthcare experts led by a Nurse Practitioner. We’re designed for young families with growing kids and are here to help you meet your family’s health goals with proactive and timely healthcare. 

An Exceptional Team

Nurse Practitioners assess, diagnose, and treat medical issues. They can prescribe medications, order laboratory and diagnostic tests, and initiate referrals to specialists. At Sprout, our NPs take a proactive approach with comprehensive annual checkups, counselling on longevity, and preventative health. All with a special focus on paediatrics and adolescence. 

Our health navigator is your guide. When you have a quick health question or need immediate support, you now have a registered nurse on speed dial. 

Our physical, functional, and mental health experts are here for you, too. They are ready to assess, diagnose, advise, and triage to support your family to thrive in every domain of health. They will guide you down the best path to support your particular concern and may suggest further investigation (such as X-rays or imaging), offer individualized progressions and resources, or connect you with an external specialist in case more support, such as ongoing therapy or rehabilitation, is needed. 

Flexible Appointments

Sprout is based in Victoria, BC and offers phone, video, and in-person visits. Convenience for our members is key. We’ll do our very best to meet you when and where you need us to be.

A Little Something Extra

Our membership gives your family more than access to a specialized team. We offer a growing list of extras, including developmental milestone checks, annual Dexa body composition scans, immunizations for kids and adults, a parenting coach, referrals to women's health and other specialists and for diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds. We've also partnered with Earlybird to offer free access to their parenting app, full of play ideas and research-backed resources to support your child's development.

Companion Services 

Designed with growing families in mind, we also offer access to a suite of companion services including sleep consultants, couples counselling, youth supports, parenting coaches, and more. These are not bundled in with our membership fees because we don’t want people to pay for services they don’t need. But if our members need to access any of these companion services, we’ll make the process quick and easy. 

Taking Care of Your Medical Needs 

We understand that not everyone has access to a family doctor. With Sprout, it’s within our Nurse Practitioner’s scope of practice and duty of care to take care of your medical needs if it’s required. And we’re happy to do so. We don’t charge an additional fee for this care. Nor do we bill MSP for these services (or for anything offered through Sprout).

Our Roots:
Healthcare with Heart

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We believe in the magic of teams—small, mighty, and specialized teams.

In helping busy families thrive and grow.

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In always learning, researching, and questioning. With open minds. We collaborate, educate, and we put your family first.

In doing it all with care, compassion, and heart.

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Join us in the garden.

Our Team

The magic of Sprout is a great team. We communicate, collaborate, and are here to go all the extra miles to deliver exceptional care for your family.

Jade Elidoros

Health Navigator
Headshot of Jade ElidorosIllustration of an owl sitting on a shovel.

Registered Nurse, UVIC, emergency and preventative medicine specialist, Fred the doodle, action sports on water and in the mountains, laughter, and rugby.

Kia Cade

Health Navigator
Headshot of Kia CadeIllustration of an owl sitting on a shovel.

Master's in Nursing, McGill, passionate about preventative care and working with kiddos and families. Can be found hiking and camping with the family and Watson the beagle.

Rabetta Minhas

Health Navigator
Headshot of Rabetta MinhasIllustration of an owl sitting on a shovel.

Registered nurse, soon to be Nurse Practitioner. Rural and remote certified with a focus on Indigenous health. Can be found on ridgelines, in the garden, painting, in or on the sea.

France Murdoch

Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of France MurdochIllustration of a rabbit holding a stethoscope.

Master's in Nursing, AU, UVic, primary healthcare specialist, passionate hiker, traveler, mom to 2 young adults and Hobbes the yellow lab.

Pamela Fald

Nurse Practitioner
Illustration of a rabbit holding a stethoscope.

Masters in Nursing, AU, UofA, originally from Alberta, now calls Victoria home, primary care for all ages, mom to four adult daughters, dog Cleo, horses Chex and Jerry, equestrian extraordinaire.

Evan Carey

Health Researcher
Headshot of Evan CareyIllustration of a raccoon strumming a guitar.

UVic, Kinesiology, lifelong athlete and sailor, inquisitive, analytical, and passionate about science and health research. Occasional cook.

Ali Zwicker

Occupational Therapist
Headshot of Ali ZwickerIllustration of a bumblebee flying.

Occupational Therapist, UVA and UBC, expert in participation across the lifespan, creative and collaborative therapist, CrossFit enthusiast, former rower (still an early bird).

Vanessa Service

Physical Therapist
Headshot of Vanessa ServiceIllustration of a happy chipmunk holding fresh harvested carrots and a trowel.

Physiotherapist, MSc Glasgow Caledonian University, pain science keener, concussion and dizziness specialist, two wee kiddos, mountain biker, nature nerd, amateur/wannabe marine biologist.

Heather McDougall

Mental Health Professional
Headshot of Heather McDougallIllustration of a mole sitting and waving, beside some books.

Clinical Counselor, all things mental health, psychophysiology, twin boy mom, getting lost in nature, lover of autobiographies and chocolate!

Arlie Christie

Speech and Language Pathologist
Headshot of Arlie ChristieIllustration of a lark perched on a birdhouse, singing.

UVic and UofA, language nerd, phonological disorder expert, cupcake maker, board game enthusiast, and potato fan. Has visited the Idaho State Potato Museum.

Kendall Waal

Operations Coordinator
Illustration of a fox.

UVic, current biology grad, future naturopathic doctor, all things integrated health, Gio the wiener dog, former competitive dancer, avid explorer.

Our Location

Our in-person appointments take place at Tall Tree Health’s James Bay Location. The highest standard of care in a clinic setting that is as pretty as a picture.

Did You Know, Dear Readers?

NPs are RNs with a special touch: extra training to provide comprehensive care and focus on prevention and health promotion.

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